stop and smell the proses

Here in the Prose Garden, we dig into the news that you won’t hear on the radio. Nature holds a mirror up to ourselves as we explore the entropy of humanity, parenting, and life in Southeast Alaska.


  • Winner of Alaska Statewide Poetry contest, Spring 2020, Fairbanks Arts Association
  • Ukiyoto Publishing Best Global Blogs of 2019, Season II

a list of published and forthcoming works by Summer Koester:

creative nonfiction~


  • Solstice Through Aperture, Fairbanks Arts Association, first place statewide poetry contest, Spring 2020, forthcoming
  • Letter to the Universe, Tidal Echoes Magazine, Spring 2020, forthcoming
  • From a Distance, Motherwell Magazine, March 26, 2020
  • Hands, Third Wednesday, Spring 2020 & Tidal Echoes, Spring 2020, forthcoming
  • At the Edge, Dodging the Rain, January 2020, and Front Porch Review, forthcoming
  • Season of the Crone, Dodging the Rain, forthcoming
  • as if to stop the time, Alaska Women Speak, Winter ’19/’20
  • The Day Before, Plum Tree Tavern, December 2019
  • Eliot Fisk Plays “Memories of Alhambra” and May in Juneau Juneau Empire, May 2019

opinion pieces~

  • We need more money for schools, not less, Juneau Empire, May 2019
  • Andi Story is the best choice for schools, Juneau Empire, October 2018

featured photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash