a free-spirited wanderer rooted in Alaska

Hi, I’m Summer,

Author, performing artist, wife to a third-generation Alaskan fisherman, and mother to two imaginative misfits, I teach Spanish in the wet and wild of Juneau, Alaska. 

After two decades of living, working, and studying in other cultures, I have finally put my roots down so I can raise up other saplings. Yet the journey is far from over. 

I’m passionate about telling my story through writing, music, dance, and theater.

About Summer Koester

Living in Juneau, Alaska, my work is inspired by my children, the natural world, traditional art, and wisdom of the Native Alaskan Tlingit peoples. As a mother and Spanish teacher with a background in anthropology, I write stories, poems and songs that touch on culture, parenthood, nature, and the human psyche.

My writing often serves as a vehicle for social activism, with an emphasis on education and immigrants’ rights. I enjoy telling stories and venturing to new worlds as dancer and choreographer of Daughters of the New Moon belly dance troupe and actor with various professional and amateur theaters in Juneau. I’ve also been known to write and perform a few songs on my guitar.

My kiddos, Olin and Taegan (or affectionately known as Chaos and Mayhem), who have been artivists since they could fit on my chest.